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Well, 2016 is here and I feel little difference in myself. I feel like I waste my time and effort in whatever endeavor I partake in. Weight loss, school, work. It doesn't matter what I do. I don't make a difference. Some days I feel like I want to stop existing and some days I feel some sense of false hope like I can do something. I'm truly hoping 2016 turns out a little better than 2015. Wasn't a bad year but I would say I've had better.
Victoria Goldenheart had a strange feeling as she was called back to the Haven along with her mother and father. The only information given to them was that it was a command from the head of the Guardian Order and the Republic itself. As she landed she gave Luke a chaste kiss. "I'll be back in a couple hours my love." Luke, her husband and pilot, smiled. "Take your time, the team and myself  will be plenty occupied with the ship." She nodded and left the ship, meeting her mother and father at the end of the docking bay. "Hello, Sweetpea." Michael greeted his daughter with a hug and a kiss as her mother, Queen Elsa joined in. "Good evening, Victoria." Elsa said with a motherly smile. "So, do you two have any idea why we were summoned?" Victoria asked. "I was about to ask you the same, Vic." Michael had replied with a clueless look on his face. "Guess we'll find out from Uncle Snooper." She replied. The Goldenheart clan rolled up to the council chamber. Outside the door was a beautiful young woman, no older than twenty. She had emerald eyes and ashen hair. Her clothes screamed vagabond to Victoria. A worn out white tunic and brown leather pants with high heeled boots. On the woman's back was a two handed straight sword. She was playing with a pendant nervously. A silver medallion of a wolf's head with Ruby red eyes and a gaping maw of sharp teeth.

Ciri looked intently into the crimson eyes of her Witcher Medallion. Her fingers wrapped about the sterling silver chain that held it. A voice snapped her from her thoughts. "Hi there." The brunette greeted. Ciri put away the pendent and nodded. "H-hello, Guardian." She replied. "I'm Victoria." The girl stated and waved with her Steel prosthetic. Ciri looked startled by the arm. "Sorry, it shocks me sometimes." The purple clad girl added. "It's ok. I'm Ciri." The witcher in training smiled a little. "Are you here for the meeting? Are you a Galactic Guardian as well?" Victoria asked. Ciri nodded. "Yes I'm here for this tribunal." Victoria gasped. "Tribunal?!" A court bell began to ring. "I will see you inside." Ciri said and she left at that.

Victoria was seated alongside her mom and dad as other familiar faces and some not so familiar enter. All of Ember Squad were on their way in with Yang trailing behind with an armed escort. Next was a man in a two piece suit and tie. He hand scruffy sandy hair and was clean shaven. He held an air of self riotousness without seeming arrogant. He took the head of the table. Some other galactic guardians came in with Snooper and Jenny taking up the rear. "Everyone please have a seat and we can begin." The man in the suit said as he took his own seat. "My name is Harvey Dent. I was sent be the galactic senate to preside over these hearings." He introduced himself and gave a soft smile. "Could we bring in the artifacts please?" A gurney was brought in with a cloak, phone, and ring were secured to the surface. "These were found on the defendant's person along with his weapons: a pair of red lightsabers." The hilts were passed around. When they got to Yang, her eyes widened. "No. These are Connor's. He disappeared years ago!" Three guardian knights entered. "These knights were sent in to track him down and apprehend him." Super Snooper said sadly. "They never did catch him." Jenny told the counsel. A hologram of Connor in a hospital bed being nursed for multiple injuries. Broken bones, hypothermia, burns, and multiple arrow wounds. "Connor's alive and in state custody," Dent cleared his throat and continued. "The only reason he's not rotting in a cell or on the execution block is his Guardian experience." A record appeared next to the CCTV connection. "We will go through a few entries of his personal video diary and our guest's first hand account of how she knows this Sith Lord." Michael cleared his throat. "I can personally vouch for Connor's character-" "I'm sure you can, your highness, but we still don't trust sith." Mr. Dent interrupted.

Michael sat back down and grumbled. "Each guardian represents a world which each item is from. The first guardian to step up was the Norse god, Fenrir. He presented the group with a black cloak. "This cloak was gifted to the boy by my father, Loki." He let everyone touch the fabric, it's silky smooth texture confused the group. Why would Loki help the man on trial? "This cloak was made to hide and protect the wearer from the most extreme climates, from The heat of a planet's core, to the coldest reaches of space itself."
The next guardian was a woman who wore a blue themed sailor fuku. "I am Sailor Mercury. This phone I hold here tracks negaverse energy and dark side magic. We suspect the weapon he was searching for was a joint effort between Queen Beryl and the original Darth Kraven." The next was a very unkempt looking man in the garb of a ranger of Gondor. "I am Talion of The Black Gate. I was the captain of the guard, commanding a skeleton crew in Mordor." He introduced. "I was killed in an attack on the gate by Sauron's generals. A Wraith named Celebrimbor keeps me chained to the land of the living." The elven wraith projected himself to the occupants of the chamber and picked up the ring. "The dark lord crafted this ring for the young man using my own designs and spells. The trinket grants the bearer the powers of a wraith, hence why he bested us in combat." Dent cleared his throat again, almost ritualistically. "He beat you all in single combat yet never drew his weapons or killed his combatant." Victoria stood up. "That's because Connor still upheld his teachings as a guardian. Let no harm come to innocents." She then sat back down, folding her arms angrily as she didn't want to see her friend get hurt because he trusted his own feelings.

"We'll see if he really believes in his convictions as a Guardian." Harvey replied as he opened up a video diary.  

Connor's face appeared as he looked into the display. "This is Connor Rinzler. I have been experiencing these constant nightmares for the past week." Connor was in a cold sweat and looked extremely distressed. "I'm going to look into this."

As the council looked deeper and deeper into the young guardian's private journals. Connor looked more and more manic as the demonic twinge returned to his eyes.

"This is Rinzler. Ember squad," there was a long pause. "Yang. I'm so, so sorry." He took off his guardian pendant and ran. Yang held his pendant close to her breast and let out a small sob.

"The man you were so ready to protect had turned to the dark side." Dent accused. "Wait. We have yet to hear the outsider's tale." Snooper remarked. The young woman with the ashen hair stood before the council and inhaled as she began her long tale of redemption.

The council took a short recess before the voting upon Connor's future.
The Trial
A short story I wrote for my character as a tie in to :iconmichael-goldenheart:'s new upcoming Galactic Guardians adventure.
It will be illegal to cosplay soon.
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Hey guys. I'm currently sitting in a lounge chair, sipping on a piña collatta on a ship. No internet for nine days.
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Well, 2016 is here and I feel little difference in myself. I feel like I waste my time and effort in whatever endeavor I partake in. Weight loss, school, work. It doesn't matter what I do. I don't make a difference. Some days I feel like I want to stop existing and some days I feel some sense of false hope like I can do something. I'm truly hoping 2016 turns out a little better than 2015. Wasn't a bad year but I would say I've had better.

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